Indian Overseas Bank Banking Awareness MCQs Questions for All Bank Exams

Banking Awareness Questions for Indian Overseas Bank

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Multiple choices Question on Banking Awareness of Indian Overseas Bank

  1. Which of the following is not a part of the scheduled banking structure in India? [Indian Overseas Bank 2011]

(a) State Co-operative Banks

(b) Public Sector Banks

(c) Private Sector Banks

(d) Regional Rural Banks

(e) Moneylenders

  1. Which of the following is the most active segment of the money market in India? [Indian Overseas Bank 2011]

(a) Call Money/Notice Money Market

(b) Repo/Reverse Repo

(c) Commercial Paper (CP)

(d) Certificate of Deposit (CD)

(e) None of these

  1. Consider the following. [Indian Overseas Bank 2011]

(1) Deposit rates

(2) Base Rate

(3) Prime Lending Rate

Which of the above are decided by the Reserve Bank of India?

(a) Only (1)

(b) Only (1)

(c) Only (3)

(d) Both (2) and (3)

(e) None of these

  1. Which of the following organisations agencies has established a fund known as Investor Protection Fund? [Indian Overseas Bank 2011]

(a) RBI


(c) Bombay Stock Exchange

(d) Ministry of Finance

(e) Ministry of Commerce and Industry

  1. Reverse Repo is a tool used by RBI to [Indian Overseas Bank 2011]

(a) Inject liquidity

(b) Absorb liquidity

(c) Increase the liquidity with banking system

(d) To keep the liquidity at one level

(e) None of these

  1. The European Union has adopted which of the following as a common currency? [Indian Overseas Bank 2011]

(a) Dollar

(b) Dinar

(c) Yen

(d) Peso

(e) Euro

  1. SEBI is an…………………… [Indian Overseas Bank 2011]

(a) Advisory body

(b) Statutory body

(c) Constitutional body

(d) Non-statutory body

(e) Registered as a society

  1. Which of the following bodies promoted Securities Trading Corporation of India Limited (STCI) jointly with the Public Sector Banks? [Indian Overseas Bank 2011]

(a) Securities Exchange Board of India

(b) ICICI Ltd

(c) IDBI Ltd

(d) Reserve Bank of India

(e) IRDA

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